Saline Stone & Thistle Garden Club

In August of 1986 a group of women living in the Silo Ridge Subdivision met to share their gardening dilemmas, of which there were many. They had beautiful new houses but their yards were full of rocks, thistle and dirt, hence the name Stone and Thistle Garden Club. Membership fluctuated over the years until one year it had fallen to four people. At this point, in an effort to increase its numbers, the club invited gardeners from the Saline area to join and membership soared.

Over the years, the club, which joined MGC in April, 1991, carried out a number of activities ranging from maintaining the flower barrels in downtown Saline, to planting the Saline Historical Society's Train Depot garden, and to making monetary donations to a number of organizations. At the April meeting in 1997, the club members voted to include the word Saline in its name to more accurately reflect its meeting site and its memberships.

Today, the Saline Stone and Thistle Garden Club is still strong and engages in a variety of community projects, including planting and maintaining the gardens at the Saline Library and the Depot Museum.

Saline Stone & Thistle Garden Club logo was created and drawn by member Iris Williams.